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Success Plus

Success Plus

₹9,000.00 Regular Price
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Product details - 90 Days (Full Course):

Natural remedy for male infertility. This is a 100% natural and safe food suppliment. Its main ingridient is mucuna pruriens and aswagandha. This is very effective food suppliment which helps to increase the sperm count and quality. Also helps women to correct abnormal period issues.

Mucuna pruriens is a natural remedy for male infertility.

  • Product Details




    Energy Value - 380.07 Kcl

    Protein - 38.35%

    Calcium - 0.575%

    Carbohydrate - 46.06%

    Pottasium - 0.59%

    Sodium - 0.01%

    Vitamin C - 9.46%

    Vitamin A - 201U/g


    ISO, GMP, IAF.


    Take two sachet per day for

    30 days. 

    Best before 10 months

    from the date of packing.

    Manufactured &

    sold by

    JJ Herbals India


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