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Parkovel 365 and Parkinson's disease

Parkovel 365 is very effective in minimising the symptoms of parkinson's disease. Parkovel 365 contains 'Mucuna Pruriens' or 'Naykaruna' as a major constituent. Symptoms of parkinson's disease will be minimised and patients can behave like normal people with it.

This food suppliment can treat the disease naturally. It is a safe and natural product. Since it is an ayurvedic product, it has no side effects. People who are using this have high satisfaction and are able to live a normal life.

JJ herbals has expertised in processing Mucuna pruriens in a natural way. They offer the world the most authentic herbal and Ayurvedic products that are created using complete natural and organic ingredients. The highest standards of quality control allows them to give their customers the most effective and genuine health product. Our products are made from mucuna pruriens plant and they have been proving worthy as natural benefits since centuries.

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i have taken Parkovel 365 for more than 2 months. But recently I have noticed that I develop allergic rarshes. Therefore,f I consulted my physician. He suggested that I filter the powder out of warm water decoction and try. I did accordingly an dmy rascched are missing. Am I doing the rirght thing?



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